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Founded in 1951, The Charlottesville Committee on Foreign Relations (CCFR) is a civic, non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of informed discussion of American foreign policy and international affairs.

It has achieved a distinguished record of bringing together concerned citizens in our area with leading authorities on world developments. The hallmark of CCFR is the creation of opportunities for in-depth exchanges on major international issues that increasingly affect our lives.

Tim Langford, Former Director of National Intelligence’s National Intelligence Officer for the Western Hemisphere

"Latin America – why should we care? The good, the bad, and the future."

Thursday October 13,2022

December 2023 will mark the 200th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine which declared the Western Hemisphere, notably Latin America, to be critical to our “Peace and Safety”.  Over time the region has become less central, but no less critical to our foreign affairs, given its potential to play a significant role in addressing global issues ranging from climate change, energy costs, and food security to immigration.  

While less visible than EurAsia, Latin America is beset with challenges.  As Even Ellis of the Army War College writes, Latin America “is experiencing an unprecedented “perfect storm” of reinforcing economic, criminal, and political stresses, eroding its institutions and economic prospects, radicalizing its people, and undermining its commitment to democracy and the rule of law.”

Our October speaker will address these challenges, especially the growing influence of foreign actors from outside the region, particularly China, and the prospects for a new “Cold War,” as well as the factors that will affect the US’s relations.

Tim Langford has over 35 years of government service. In his his last post as the Director of National Intelligence’s National Intelligence Officer for the Western Hemisphere, he was the US Intelligence Community’s senior analyst for Latin America and coordinated the Intelligence Community’s strategic analysis of Latin America. 

During his career, he has served over 15 years at US Embassies abroad, including setting up and running groundbreaking and highly successful tactical fusion centers.  During 2007-2009, Langford was the Director of National Intelligence Mission Manager for Cuba and Venezuela, coordinating US intelligence community efforts on that issue.  He has also worked as the senior DCIA Representative at US Southern Command in Miami and as the Director of National Intelligence Representative to US Special Operations Command in Tampa. 

Langford graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 with an MA in Latin American Studies and has undergraduate degrees from Eastern Kentucky University.

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Save The Date - Thursday, November 10th

 Dr. Lee Schwartz, Geographer of the US 

The Implications of Geography for Foreign Policy

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