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Founded in 1951, The Charlottesville Committee on Foreign Relations (CCFR) is a civic, non-partisan organization dedicated to the promotion of informed discussion of American foreign policy and international affairs.

It has achieved a distinguished record of bringing together concerned citizens in our area with leading authorities on world developments. The hallmark of CCFR is the creation of opportunities for in-depth exchanges on major international issues that increasingly affect our lives.

Professor David Leblang, Ambassador Henry J. Taylor and Mrs. Marion R. Taylor  Endowed Professor of Politics and Public Policy, University of Virginia

"The Economic and Political Implications of Global Migration"

Thursday December 14,2023

Migrations of great numbers humans around the world is not a new phenomenon. Long before the rise of civilizations, migrations of large numbers of people were caused by drought, famine, war, pestilence, political instability, over population, the movement of herds and disease.  

With the rise of modern nation states with settled political borders, migration took on new political and economic impacts and concerns.  

Even today the movements of groups of migrants can cause political and economic turmoil and instability.  

Dr. Leblang is a scholar of political economy with research interests in global migration and in the politics of financial markets.

David Leblang is the Ambassador Henry J. Taylor and Mrs. Marion R. Taylor Endowed Professor of Politics and Public Policy. He is the Randolph Compton Professor of Public Affairs at the University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs where he is Director of Policy Studies.  He currently serves as Interim Associate Dean for Student Experience and Strategic Initiatives in the College of Arts and Sciences.  His recent publications include The Ties That Bind: Immigration and the Global Political Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2023), “Labor Market Policy as Immigration Control: The Case of Temporary Protected Status” (International Studies Quarterly, 2022), and “Framing Unpopular Foreign Policies” (American Journal of Political Science, 2022).  In 2015, Leblang was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Mentoring Award by the University of Virginia and in 2016 he received the Outstanding Mentoring Award from the Society of Women in International Political Economy of the International Studies Association.  He is a devoted fan of Bruce Springsteen and the New York Mets, in that order.

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