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2008-09 Programs

September 11: Philip Zelikow (Executive Director, 9/11 Commission Report), "Protecting America: Seven Years After 9/11"

October 9: John M. Owen (UVA Dept. of Politics), "McCain, Obama, and the Next US Foreign Policy: The Relative Validity of the 'Democratic Peace'"

October 23: Joint meeting with the League of Women Voters:
        Paul H. Delaney (Chief Counsel, US Dept. of Commerce)   
        Charles D. Lambert (Deputy Undersecretary, US Dept. of Agriculture)
                "The Global Food Crisis: Whence and Whither"

November 13: Lawrence Eagleburger (62nd US Secretary of State), "After the Election: Appropriate Adjustments in American Foreign Policy"

December 4: Shuja Nawaz (IMF, IAEA, ACUS), "The Most Dangerous Problem in the World: The Politics of the Pakistani Army"

January 8: Distinguished Panel with Allen Lynch (UVA), Yuri Urbanovich (UVA), John Woodworth (former DASD for European and NATO Policy), “Russo-American Relations in the Wake of the War in Georgia”

February 12: Charles Freeman (CSIS), “China after Tibet, the Earthquake and the 2008 Olympics”

March 12: Zanny Minton-Beddoes, (The Economist), “The Global Economy: Outlook and Impact”

April 9: Amb. John Limbert (USNA) and Prof. Ruhi Ramazani (UVA), "Iran: Imperial, Ideological, Enigmatic, Factional: Can We Talk?"

May 14: Amb. Ronald Neumann, (former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, President, US Academy of Diplomacy), "The Complex War: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Challenge of Implementing an Integrated Strategy"